Upcoming releases - Book 2 of "Mistress to Wife"
"Claiming his Scandalous Heir"

   - Carla could never be Cesare's wife, but  what if she had a secret that must bring him to the altar?

   (Available December 2017)


 Carla – independent in body, mind – and heart – knows she can never find love with Cesare, only passion

Cesare –  consumed by his desire for Carla,  yet he knows that his bride, his contessa,  must be the woman he's been promised to all his life.


From the moment Carla set eyes on the commanding Cesare, she was lost, and gave to him her all. But she knows that passion is all that can be between them.
For Cesare carries on his aristocratic shoulders the burden of his thousand-year old heritage – and his bride, his contessa, must be his equal in that.
Desparately, Carla seeks to escape heartbreak, but at a price that will force another to pay. A price that incenses Cesare – Carla is his……even though he cannot marry her.
When Carla flees him, she takes with him a secret Cesare must never discover
That must part them for ever. Unless …....
Unless Cesare can set aside the heritage he was born to protect.

And claim his scandalous heir…..

                                                                                                     Carla and Cesare - the second in the Julia James "Mistress to Wife" series

                                                                                                           Read Book 1 'Claiming His Scandalous Love-Child' (available November 2017)

Julia James -

Romance Author