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"Claiming his scandalous love-child"

- Eloise wanted love. What she got was betrayal and heartbreak. And a secret she could never tell ......

(Available November 2017)


Eloise - with her dazzling blonde beauty,  is looking for love - the man of her dreams, her happy-ever-after. 

Vito - heir to the world-famous Viscari Hotels - can he abandon his legacy to seek, and find, the woman he has betrayed?

Eloise fell for Vito Viscari - at his feet, literally! - the moment she set eyes on him. How could she possibly resist the gorgeous Italian with his film-star looks? And how could Vito resist Eloise's dazzling blonde beauty?

Their romance was instant - and passionate...... 

But Eloise's hopes that Vito was to be the love of her life were to be shattered.

Vito, she discovered, was promised to another woman. A woman he has every intention of marrying.

The shocking discovery sends Eloise fleeing.

But she carries with her a secret that Vito must never discover.

A secret that must part them for ever.


......... Unless Vito can set aside the legacy he was born to protect.

And claim his scandalous love-child.......

                                             Eloise and Vito -  the first in the Julia James 'Mistress to Wife' series.       

                                                                            Read book  2  'Claiming his scandalous heir' (available December 2017) 




Julia James -

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