Readers of my stories about English nanny, Eloise, falling for Italian playboy Vito Viscari (Claiming his Scandalous Love Child), and the sequel (Carrying his Scandalous Heir) about Eloise's love rival, Carla, and her hopeless passion for the Count of Mantegna,  may have wondered what became of the woman the count never did marry in the end.....

Now read the story of La Donna Francesca, who chose not to be the bride of the count, but to pursue her academic career instead.

But is love to elude her for ever?

And what will happen when she catches the roving eye of self-made billionaire, Nic Falcone - Vito's bitter business rival - who has his own reasons for wanting 'Doc Fran' to think him only a humble-but-hunky security guard .....

The Heiress's Pregnancy Scandal

Available February 2019  -  Book 3 of 'Mistress to Wife'

Secrets, secrets, secrets.... no good can come of it. Can it?

When aristocratic academic meets self-made billionaire they couldn't be more unalike - so what can possibly draw them together?

And why is neither willing to let the other know just who they really are.....?


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